Why is your website not working for you?

Well let's first ask the question; why did you decide to get a website and what did you expect the website to do for you? 

Websites remind me of Verimark products. You see this advert that promises a product that can do so much; you buy the product, use it once or twice, then forget about it while it collects dust in the cupboard. That's what small businesses do with their websites, we don't know how to fully utilise them so we leave them on the net to collect random coincidental views.

A website is essentially an online flyer or brochure with key differences.

1. You can include more information on it
2. You have unlimited copies to distribute,
3. It can collect enquiries or close sales for you,
4. It's an evolving document and
5. It has the potential to attract your desired target market amongst other things.

So there are a few things we don't take advantage of when we build websites for our businesses thinking, "our website will automatically do all of this for us". It's important you know why you're doing it, along with how you can use it to its full potential.

Reasons you should build a website:
1. Credibility
2. To have an online presence
3. Creating sales
4. Generating leads

You should reasonably consider what you want from your website and consider the cost implications they come with. If you're getting a website for option 1 or 2 then it's reasonable to look for a low cost website as you're expecting no reasonable returns just exposure for your business. Reason 3 and 4 is where you should be looking for sophisticated options for your website. Not just good looking design that's affordable but options that have substance and a strategy behind it.