5 Tips on keeping in touch with customers without getting on their nerves

We're living in a time where we have more options than we've ever had before. Whether it's food, retail, entertainment or business etc; the customer can now pick and choose their most viable option and change their mind just as quickly. There was a time we were forced into 24 month contracts and an even more limited amount of providers/suppliers but today, the world is our oyster.

1. Share valuable information
Give your clients information their not privy. Information they can use to benefit them in their lives and businesses. Whether it's with you or without you.

2. Reduce your sales adverts and replace them with success stories
Unless you're in the food or beverage industry, try not to send too many sales and discount etc ads to your audience. There's a war against advertisements now and you can see it with the rise of Netflix and the fall of traditional TV. Find a way of turning good customer experiences into hearty marketing materials.

Rather share stories about how you helped a customer get to where they were going and how you go the extra mile for them.

3. Offer free goodies, hold competitions and reward your audience for engaging with you
Give your most loyal customers or viewers something valuable free of charge. Things you know they will use but that's of low cost and energy to you at the same time.

4. Keep it simple
Let them into what you're doing on a daily basis, especially if you're doing something cool, attending or hosting events and even working on a project in the office.

5. Ask your customers questions
Ask  opinions on industry related topics, create competitions to create engagement, whatever it is big or small you can create just enough impact to always be their number 1 option in your service or design industry. 

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