Adapting before you're forced to change: How re-branding can help grow your business

First of all a rebrand should always be done  for more than just boosting short term hype or sales. There needs to be a bigger vision and a bigger issue being addressed. Look at it like an opportunity for the company to find itself again, and develop its core values and realign the ultimate goal. A rebrand is far from being a failure of the previous brand. Many big companies rebrand frequently and you might not even notice. Uber, Dropbox, Spotify and even Apple have gone thru a rebrand in the past 5-10 years for various reasons. While they had their own reasons, here is why you should rebrand:

1. Are you attracting the right target market?

Your logo is the first point of reference for potential customers and can determine which customers associate themselves with your brand. This is why it is important to identify who your desired target market is before your logo is designed, so there is more purpose in the design than just creating a ‘nice logo’. The target market inspires the direction of the corporate identity; whether it's sophisticated andd simple or bright and flashy etc

2. There’s no link between your brand and any of your products or marketing

A good logo can extend to a great identity system that can be carefully extended to your packaging design and marketing materials. This helps link your brand effectively to a point where you can recognize the company behind the product or marketing before the logo is even seen.

3. Professional branding increases the value of your business

The most important part of any business is the product or service. But without a good brand behind it, there is less to attach that service or product to. Though it's essentially intangile, it's important to be able to determine your brand's impact and be able to calculate its value. If someone offered to buy your company today, your brand would play a significant part in undervaluing or overvaluing the company's worth.

4. Rebranding motivates employees, improves retention

Employees feel better and are more passionate when they work for what they perceive to be a reputable company. They will share it more with the outside world and work harder to keep their jobs and grow in the organisation.

5. Improves you as a competitor

Rebranding is not just about a new look. You're developing a new story; redefining who you are and what you stand for. It's an opportunity to share new products and new innovations you've produced in a grander way. The modern world brings new competition everyday making it easier to get caught on the backfoot. Rebranding has become a necessity to show your current clients and competitors that you're growing, and help you attract new customers. 

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