Pros and cons of using free design templates & apps

Digital has taken over with resources from basically every industry being available online, at your disposal anytime you need it. Anything you can’t do today, you can watch a Youtube video or download an app and do tomorrow. This is liberating for small businesses, saving them time, resources and money, allowing them to take full control of how they present their business to the world.

But the good does often come with the bad, so it is important to weigh your options at all times and ensure you’re not taking a step backward and hampering your brand. Even designers use apps and templates to save time and effort when they design, but they have a greater ability to bend them to their will and have the final product represent their client’s brand.

 Here are the pros and cons of using free templates and design apps:


+ Save time and money trying to find the right designer for your price range. Sometimes you don’t need a complicated design and need something simple with a clear message. Getting a designer might be overkill and not worth the value you’ll get back.
+ There’s no broken telephone. You know what you want and need your poster to say and mean and won’t waste days on clarifying to the designer after they got it wrong a couple of times.
+ There are thousands of templates to choose from, so you can consistently have fresh new graphics to post weekly.


 - You can easily mess up a simple messaging poster by using the incorrect fonts, sizing and colours. Ensure to consistently use a limited number of these that match your brand. 
 - A good designer has the ability to take a concept and enhance it. Talking to an outside party may also give you the opportunity to refine your message into something more concrete.
 - Too many templates/options could either overwhelm and confuse you. That and using different designs that don’t communicate a consistent message.


It's advisable to only use the for low value engagements like social media posts, announcements and newsletters etc. But when trying to make impactful brand statements or advertising to gain market share, hire a designer.

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