Brand Wars - Cassper vs AKA

The beef between AKA and Cassper is a brutal debate from a fanbase point of view. We've seen the 2 camps rip each other and their favourites apart in their belief that their fav is the better artist. Both camps with valid answers but both camps have their respective bias aswell. We think of it a bit differently.

We can accept that they are both extraordinary artists who have achieved a great deal in their careers so none of them lack talent wise. It's more differences in the brands they've created for themselves. Some of the brand characteristics they developed are very intentional and thought out but alot is also based on how they reacted to situations and their personalities in general. 

People generally listen to all sorts of music and artists but there are only a few artists they feel resonate with them enough for them to vilify another human being all because they have a differing view.

So what are the different brand attributes each artist possesses that appeals to these rap music camps?

Aka appeals to the "Model C kid" that grew up in the suburbs who speaks well and is all about looking good and not only being the coolest kid on the block, but everyone knowing it and kissing the ring.

1. Fearless Bravado: His abrasive nature which has put him in hot water multiple times over his career can read as fearless and brave to his fans who have said countless times how much they like how "real" he is. While this reads positively to his fans, it carries uncertainty to corporates which has lead to him not being able to secure many sponsorship deals over his career when compared to his counterpart.

2. Energetic Enthusiasm: He's quite clearly an extrovert and thrives as the centre of attention in any environment making him likeable and seemingly sociable. Though he has said the opposite about the latter. So fans are drawn in by this magntic, exciting personality they feel will always keep them happy.

3. Upper Class/Sophisticated: Many times in his music he'll talk about "The North" and expensive, affluent suburbs like Bryanston and the appeal of what it means to live and socialise there which appeals to fans who resonate and want to live that life.

4. Current / Modern: AKA's music is a more new age version of the original hip hop sound which is a fusion of singing and rapping. This has broadened his audience outside of rap and made him a pop culture reference aswell.


Cassper Nyovest

1. Game Changer: Cassper elevated the South African hiphop game with his quick rise to the top and unconventional success as an independent artist. He made other artists see it's possible to become rich and successful off of hiphop music. He seems to always push the boundaries of what was possible in the industry and reach new heights. This is inspiring to people  who came up from a similar childhood he did, making him an example and symbol of hope for the under-privelleged.

2. Ambitious: Multiple times he has reminded us that he's a boy from Maftown who made something out of nothing and managed to secure many premium sponsorships to his name. 

3. Playful/Funny: Through his social media content he's been able to showcase his funny, playful side which has made him seem more freindly and approachable. He 's always dropping videos of him commentating or sharing funny opinions on trending events. This indirectly helps him build a relationship with his fanbase while making him relevant more times than when he's releasing music.

4. Visionary / Creative: He's the poster-child for having big dreams and working hard to achieve them.

 5. Innovative: create his own ads 

Fans and audiences have unconsciously processed all this information and used it to determine whose side their on, irrespective if they listen to both artists or not.

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