What is Premium Logo/Brand Design?

Alot can be forgiven when starting a company and commissioning a quick logo and corporate identity for your new business. But as your business grows and you learn more about your product/service and your customers, you need to start creating a brand not only for who best serves your business's goals but one that reflects who you are aswell.

A premium brand is not just a great design but a design that reflects the company's brand attributes and supports the direction the business is heading. There are many more considerations as your business is moving faster, branding and marketing will be on the rise, aswell as communications with all stakeholders. Is your logo and corporate identity ready and agile enough to keep up?  

Qualities of a  premium brand

1. Non-design elements - Beyond the visual, the brand  has underlying elements that form a personality and dictate how it's represented and communicates with the world.
2. Strategic Design - The design is guided by the companies brand attributes and the type of customers the brand is trying to attract.
3. Flexible - Logo works on multiple platforms for large scale printing and is clearly visible on smaller scale representation aswell. 
4. Broad extension - There needs to be clear ways of how the design can be extended into stationery, messaging and media.
5. Has guidelines - So the brand is represented consistently across all platforms, it's governed by a set of guidelines that different users across the company can refer to when making branding and marketing decisions.
6. Peace of mind - knowing how the logo will be applied on multiple touch points before hand gives you the confidence to continue business with one key aspect less to worry about.

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