Marketing has gone from being as simple as A, B, C to a constantly changing formula that needs organisations to become more creative and agile. Consumers don’t want to be marketed to anymore; even having the option to skip and block any advertising whatsoever. 

So companies have had to think of creative ways to not only get their products and services out there, but make the consumer care and pay attention. While big organisations can use their financial and human resources to plough a way forward for themselves, smaller companies have had to think out the box and maximise their limited resources.  Here are some of the ways smaller companies and brands can and have adapted with their marketing:

Digital has taken over with resources from basically every industry being available online, at your disposal anytime you need it. Anything you can’t do today, you can watch a Youtube video or download an app and do tomorrow. This is liberating for small businesses, saving them time, resources and money, allowing them to take full control of how they present their business to the world.

But the good does often come with the bad, so it is important to weigh your options at all times and ensure you’re not taking a step backward and hampering your brand. Even designers use apps and templates to save time and effort when they design, but they have a greater ability to bend them to their will and have the final product represent their client’s brand.

We're living in a time where we have more options than we've ever had before. Whether it's food, retail, entertainment or business etc; the customer can now pick and choose their most viable option and change their mind just as quickly. There was a time we were forced into 24 month contracts and an even more limited amount of providers/suppliers but today, the world is our oyster.

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