Unroll the dice for the rest of the year

The year just flies right past and leaves us wondering what we accomplished. June just blitzed by and we're suddenly well into the second half of the year. I mean sure we work hard every day and go to bed tired; but then we always feel like we haven't accomplished much when we look back. Which had me thinking; better planning, clearer goal definition and measuring the results can remedy this.

It's not enough to have fuzzy, wishful ideas of what you want to achieve; but putting down an actual plan on how it will be achieved and when creates a trail that can be followed back and reviewed. This also builds a culture of planning and not just waiting for life to happen to us.

There's a reason why word of mouth is the most effective way to market products and services. As small businesses this can be the most reliable form of marketing and is traditionally what gets your business off the ground. If you've ever stopped to think about why that is, you'll soon land on the notion of TRUST. If a trusted source/friend/family recommends a certain product, business or service to you, you usually deem it trustworthy and have little reservations in using it. Because you trust the source. That's the same trust a brand should attempt to create with the outside world it has no direct link to.


When a potential customer Googles services your company offers and finds your website, social media page and various brand touchpoints; they need to feel like they can trust you based on what you've put forward. And the more potential customers have seen your brand on other platforms, the more touchpoints you have, the more trust they develop towards you. If you can communicate trust through your brand, you'll spend less time having to convince new potential clients why they can trust you to get the job done


Did you know: Companies with good reputations are 5 times more likely to be recommended.

We're developing products and services around building trust through online marketing campaigns that can help your business build trust and expand their brand touchpoints. To learn more these just send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It can be so easy to fall into the trap of quick, predictable, mediocre messaging. "We are the best at this", "we offer quality that". Whether it's true or not doesn't matter. The issue arises when everyone is saying the same thing in the very same way. The further you go up in business the more sophisticated your competition, and the devil in the details starts revealing itself.

Customers have become smarter, requiring a unique approach that's not too salesy and has genuine intent to improve the customer's life or business. While there may be numerous approaches to this, the best way is to tie it around your brand and what it stands for. Making the brand an anchor so you don't steer too far away from your center. 

Marketing has gone from being as simple as A, B, C to a constantly changing formula that needs organisations to become more creative and agile. Consumers don’t want to be marketed to anymore; even having the option to skip and block any advertising whatsoever. 

So companies have had to think of creative ways to not only get their products and services out there, but make the consumer care and pay attention. While big organisations can use their financial and human resources to plough a way forward for themselves, smaller companies have had to think out the box and maximise their limited resources.  Here are some of the ways smaller companies and brands can and have adapted with their marketing:

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