Tnovation is a venture capital firm based in Midrand that targets promising tech startups for advisory, growth and possible investment. They were looking for a powerful image that matched or bettered an experienced, forward looking venture capital firm. Fusing that with a young, fresh and dynamic look.

Brainstorm & design
The word "venture" in venture capital made us think of a business man on a venture on a mountain to find the next big thing. This was one of the ideas we wanted to bring in to the final design. After multiple ideas and sketching of different letterforms that fused the letter "T" and "N", we took the best result from there and made it work with the man on the mountain.

The final logo is of a T and an N on top of a mountain looking toward the horizon. See more from the project here. SEE MORE TNOVATION DESIGNS


Brand extension
Corporate Identity
Business Profile
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